"The Goalie Mask" Canvas Giclee by James Lumbers

"The Goalie Mask" Canvas Giclee by James Lumbers
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"The Goalie Mask" by James Lumbers



The goalie mask was introduced into the NHL by Jacques Plante in a game with the Rangers on November 1, 1959 after receiving an injury to his bare face. Over the protest of coach Toe Blake, he finished the game wearing his mask.

This painting by artist James Lumbers shows some of the evolution in masks that took place over the years. The Sawchuk mask followed after the Plante example and was used by several goaltenders. Goalies added their individual personalities to their masks as time passed. Gerry Cheevers displayed all the cuts and stitches he received on his mask. Tony Esposito had his personally shaped mask. Jim Rutherford was one of the first to display the graphics of his team on his mask. Mike Palmateer’s mask was changed to give more protection to the neck. Ken Dryden chose graphics on his mask for visibility.

Patrick Roy wore a mask that had evolved into today’s style offering good protection against flying pucks and better neck protection. Today, there is no limit to the variety of graphics on Goalie Masks while each player makes his personal statement.

This image was reproduced as a Canvas Giclee on fine quality watercolour canvas. Each Canvas Giclee has been inpected for accuracy of colour before it was signed and numbered by the artists.

A Certificate of Authenticity is supplied with each reproduction.

75 hand embellished, signed & numbered Canvas Giclees.