"IF Only" Canvas Giclee by James Lumbers

"IF Only" Canvas Giclee by James Lumbers
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Limited Edition Canvas Giclee: 

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"If Only" by James Lumbers


If Only… Every golfer knows the anguish…stuck behind a tree (and what a silly place to put a tree)…. feet away from what could have been a great shot…playing partners chuckling, already counting their winnings. There's a decision to be made… take the penalty stroke, chip out, go for the green? In total frustration, the golfer looks at his friends, looks at the ball, looks at the green, looks at the tree, and like so many anxious golfers before, mutters aloud for the one 'tool' we assume no golf bag has contained… "Does anyone have and axe?" In his newest work, Jim Lumbers shares a moment that all golfers understand. Yes, it is a relaxing game… a pleasant walk in the park. But it's also a game that is constantly second-guessed; "…if only."

This image was reproduced as a Canvas Giclee on fine quality watercolour canvas. Each Canvas Giclee has been inpected for accuracy of colour before it was signed and numbered by the artists.

A Certificate of Authenticity is supplied with each reproduction.

50 signed & numbered Canvas Giclees.